Masters degree

MSc in Business administration and information system – Information management, Copenhagen Business school

Graduated July 2nd 2013.

In this profile, information is seen as a strategic resource to the company. It is an influencing factor in a company’s competitiveness, and successful information management is at the same time hard to imitate. Therefore, the education focuses on making the candidate able to contribute to the day-to-day operations, while also changing the process of information management, and thereby improve the operations of the company.

My thesis was focused on retaining valuable knowledge when having outsourced software development, and ensuring this knowledge remains within the host firm, continuing to add value to the involved stakeholders. I used TDC as a case, where I found a significant risk in a setting where the knowledge of legacy software (own developments) no longer was significantly documented, making it necessary to create a new framework to capture knowledge.

It is possible to request a version of my masters thesis and grade transcripts upon request via mail.