Web development

2010 – 2012: Web Developer – TDC Kommunikation

In this position I managed the development of TDC’s SharePoint Intranet.


  • Managing TDC’s SharePoint intranet (Medarbejderportalen) with 6000 daily users
  • Responsible for developing the strategy for TDC’s Intranet
  • Business responsible for developments on the SharePoint platform
  • Deployment processes for developments on the SharePoint platform
  • Responsible for creating page specifications for developments on SharePoint
  • Managing the inter-organisational knowledge platform between developers and TDC
  • Building and maintaining site structure and navigation of the Intranet
  • Reporting Intranet statistics to internal stakeholders
  • Second level support on SharePoint


  • Formalising the structure of deployment processes of SharePoint developments in TDC
  • Business responsible during successful switch of development vendor
  • Successfully deployed new developments every three months
  • Mastered the administration of SharePoint 2007 with 6000 daily users
  • Successfully communicated highly technical changes to internal stakeholders
  • Created a mobile intranet as a side project with the lead developer (built on top of SharePoint 2007)
  • Made a comprehensive knowledge transfer to relevant stakeholders when ending employment at TDC

Description of work

I was offered this position when I was still hired as a consultant, where I was hired to manage a vendor switch on the development side of things, and to manage a redesign of tdc.com and om.tdc.dk. During these years I was studying for my masters degree at CBS, this required some solid time management and heavy prioritising, not always fortunate for my studies. I decided not to prolong my contract so I could write my masters thesis.

My main tasks were to coordinate the efforts to maintain the SharePoint based intranet and ensure a development of new features keeping the intranet healthy. Apart from that I created strategy sites, graphics snippets, and generally was the fixer of things on SharePoint.

I was happy with my time in TDC and the work experience was really great, especially considering how much responsibility when I was still a student at CBS.