Student worker

I started as an intern as part of my bachelor at CBS. I then switched to create a company and sold my services to TDC as a consultant, generally with TDC communications as my sole customer, with a few other departments hiring me for tasks. Generally I worked two days a week for TDC, with some weeks with extra work (my company was called Høstrup Sharepoint).


  • Responsible for creating the site structure of the new SharePoint Intranet
  • Responsible for the education of TDC’s 150 web editors (using a consultancy to perform the courses
  • Responsible for setting up user groups and managing rights/privileges
  • Part of the team managing a switch from 2 previous Intranet solutions to a SharePoint 2007 solution


  • Successfully launching a new SharePoint 2007 solution
  • Successfully migrating several business critical intranet sites
  • Managed 20 SharePoint courses in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense
  • Got promoted to become the business owner of TDC’s intranet (Medarbejderportalen)